The future of clothing is not in taking more from the earth to produce new textiles but to replace the current ideology that only brand new is best. As the world changes and our climate cries out for help, we must work together to find a lasting way of taking already produced, top quality materials and transforming them into the new garments we seek.

By letting the fabrics lead the design process, C.T.B.H. is ensuring every detail in the garment is fit with a purpose. Nothing makes us happier than finding missed opportunities in conventional design methods and we do this best when re-using industrial fabrics.

CTBH was founded

in Copenhagen in 2019 by Clara Therese Borg Hjelt who grew up in the countryside surrounded by nature. Being heavily connected to the earth, Clara quickly focused on sustainability, ecology and animal welfare.

As she got older, Clara became increasingly aware of the massive impact the fashion industry was having on the planet and sought to begin working in sustainable fashion solutions, most notably for menswear.

In 2015, Clara began her studies at Margtheskolen in Copenhagen, aiming to become a clothing designer. Determined to integrate sustainable values into her education, Clara began investigating the currently circulating ideas of how to create a more sustainable fashion industry.

In 2017 Clara collaborated with an Indian GOTS-certified supplier that provided her with textiles as well as detailed information about the factory’s production processes for her graduation exam. The goal was to prove that fashionable, comfortable and beautiful clothing can be made out of organic and sustainable textiles. Dynamic in her approach and a successful collection made, Clara pressed forward with her ideas and two years later C.T.B.H was born.

A new concept on how to make sustainable clothes in collaboration with other industries, the clothes you see on this website are all made from discarded fabrics.

All the fabrics are carefully selected and inspected before being transformed into a new shirt, pant or jacket.

Everything is handmade and all materials are collected and stored in Denmark. Construction,
pattern cutting, sewing and finishing are all designed by Clara.

Everything is unique, everything is created with both you and the planet in mind, everything is sustainable. Shop guilt-free, enjoy the compliments on your taste and wear your C.T.B.H. with pride.

Thank you for helping to save the planet.